Hi there...I'm Clay.

I'm the creator, owner, and operator of Rebel Photobooth. 

I started this venture in the summer of 2015, after shooting a couple of weddings as a "real photographer."

During those two weddings, I noticed how popular photobooths were at social events.

I also noticed how low-quality the inputs were and how low-quality the outputs were. Being very passionate about celebrating events AND printing pictures, I left that second wedding determined to build a high-end, open-air photobooth. One that would help my clients entertain their guests AND provide high-quality images that people would actually want to show off after the event.

I bring high quality, professional-grade gear to every event. From cameras, to printers, to lights, to custom backdrops, to custom-designed artwork created specifically for *your* event.

I bring years of technical experience behind the camera.

I also bring 20+ years of customer service experience from the hospitality industry. 

And nothing excites me more than when I'm at an event and two things happen. First is when guests come up to me and say something like "You must have the best job in the world!" To which I reply "Yes!"

And the second is when I give guests their printed pictures and they huddle around with their friends...pointing at the pictures, laughing hysterically, and sharing the pictures with others. 

So yeah, I do have the best job in the world. And I'd love to bring some of that energy to your next event.