This is a very touchy subject in the photobooth industry, and nobody we've ever met is in the grey area on it.

Whether we're talking with fellow photoboothers or potential clients, everyone has a firm opinion on why pricing should, or shouldn't, be listed on a photobooth website.

Here's why we don't list pricing on our website. And the good news for clients is that it ultimately benefits them!

REASON #1: We don't want to scare off potential clients!

We don't want to scare of potential clients who see a high priced package, and may not completely understand why it's so high-priced, and just write us off thinking we're too expensive.

For example, let's pretend that a potential client is looking at our website, planning a relatively small house party.  A simple photobooth experience with prints and no social media sharing may meet their needs perfectly. But if they see pricing for a big corporate event - like green screen animated GIFs with three social media sharing stations and an external monitor to run a separate slideshow - they could easily (and incorrectly) think that Rebel Photobooth is too expensive for their intimate house party. 

REASON #2: It's Economics 101, baby!

Ready for a (not so) secret? Did you know that hotels and venues charge higher prices for their spaces on Saturday nights? And the second most for Friday nights? And the third most for Sunday? It's basic supply and demand - higher demand on the weekends means higher prices on the weekends.

We guarantee that if you book their space on a Tuesday at noon, when demand for the space is lower, you're going to pay less than you would on the weekend. 

We like having the same flexibility! We're happiest when we're boothing every day of the week, not just on weekend nights. And by NOT listing pricing on our website, we give ourselves the flexibility to give clients a lower price for those days that we're not typically busy.